British Surfing Juniors Unleashed!

The 2014 Posca British Junior National Surf Championships is well underway. Check out the promo vid below…Gets you excited to be in the water ey :P


Setting Up Our Surf Shop

As we’ve just opened our store, we thought we take you through what we had to do from coming from an empty room to a fully fledged surf shop.

Opening a new clothing line or a boutique is really fascinating for those who have passion for the fashion world. This is because the experience requires one to be equipped with various items such as clothing racks, fixtures and also shelving among others for the shop. It requires an ample of time to allow proper planning and management for these pieces of tools.

For us, the racks maximised the space that is allocated generally for the shop and gives more room for other things that might be required for the business. However, there are different types of racks that can be put to use in this case. There is a two-way rack, double-bar and a round one. The size of the rack will be determined by the size of the room being stocked and also the amount of inventory the retailer intends to have in store.

Hangers are very essential for any clothing superstore. They come in different shapes and textures as well, i.e.; plastic, metal or even wooden. The seller ought to sort the type of the hanger to use depending on the type of clothes they intend to sell. For example, if its lingerie’s being sold, one should use a satin-cushioned hanger.

A changing room for the clients especially ladies is a mandatory for any clothing shop. This is because they love to fit their clothes comfortably without any disturbance and also with ultimate confidence and security. Our changing rooms were a tight squeeze but we managed it with a little work.

A Packing supplies would be of great importance as well. Customers would like their gifts to be wrapped nicely after a purchase as a sign of after sale service. They include stuff like shopping bags or boxes in all sizes and shapes to cater for the customers’ needs. Customizing these bags can beautify and get to display the logo of the store for marketing as well.

A nice stock with varieties will accommodate all customers with different tastes and preferences and the type of needs they have. It’s however recommended to stock enough. Obviously, our main stock will be our wetsuits and our surfboards, followed by the usually accessories that people like.

Here’s a a snapshot of the final result :) We based our look on a Hawaiian store we had once seen.


Our New Surf Shop!


Finding the right mat for our shop was pretty tricky because we wanted it to look cool, but also be safe so the customers did not slip as the floor will be wet quite often (from wet wetsuits and surfboards). A beautifully displayed welcoming mat can be a source of attraction for the passerby’s. This décor can have a great impact in making great success in volumes of sales. We sourced our matting from mat centre who helped us greatly with this and gave us our perfect non slip rubber matting just what we needed :)

We will keep you updated with how thnigs go, but so far so good!


Quicksilver Pro

Highlights from the quicksilver pro October 4th.